Top Flight
Assorted Pushcards #1
Planter's Peanuts 5 cents
Get a Gobbler
Baseball - Everybody Wins
Play Baseball and Smoke Counsellor Cigar
Baseball 5 cents
Play Basketball and Smoke Havana Blend
Play Basket Ball and Smoke Tampa Nugget Cigars
Big Battle
Football 1 Cent
Assorted Pushcards #2
Assorted Pushcards #3
Play Baseball and Smoke Garcia Grande Cigar (2) (3)
Win a 24 Bottle Case of Coca-Cola
No Losers #1
Win a Fishing Rod
Play Football and Smoke Havana Blend
Cinex III
No Losers #2
Baseball 5 Cents
Basketball 1 Cent
Play Baseball and Smoke Seidenberg Cigars
Assorted Pushcards #4
Assorted Pushcards #5
Assorted Pushcards #6
Mirror-tone Radio
No Losers #3
10lb Turkey
Women's Names
Every Punch Wins
Baseball (2) (3) (4) (5)
Aluminum Electric Coffee Set
Various Coca-Cola
Southern Electric Automatic Fryer-Cooker
Eegee Sweetie and Eegee Billie Dolls
Flash-Master Camera
Pick Your Lucky Girl And Win
Touchdown (2)
Bad Fake - Playing Card
3 Gorgeous Slips
The Gorgeous Toni Walking Doll
Nifty Neckwear (and another)
Handsome Dummy Dan

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