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Very little information regarding punchboards exists in print. Punchboards have never enjoyed the vast media coverage that has been given to antique slot machines and other casino collectibles. As a result, collectors have always gotten much of their punchboard information from eachother, and from the occassional "old-timer."

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Collecting Casino Memorabilia
Donald D. Spencer

Intended to cover a broad range of collectibles, Collecting Casino Memorabilia is an entertaining and educational look at some of the antique world's more esoteric collectibles, casino memorabilia. The book also includes photos and information on a variety of gambling items, including gaming equipment equipment and advertising materials.

Mr. Spencer has become quite an authority on casino and gambling collectiles, and has devoted a chapter of this book exclusively to punchboards. The book also covers advertising, art, ashtrays, autographs, bingo cards, books, buttons, playing cards, chips, Chuck-A-Luck equipment, cocktail napkins, dice, drink coasters, faro equipment, gaming guides, glassware, holiday collectibles, ivory chips, jewelry, keno forms and crayons, magazines, matchcovers, paper collectibles, photographs, postcards, posters, roulette chips, signs, slot club cards, slot machines, statues, swizzle sticks, tokens and trade stimulators, and miscellaneous collectibles.

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Scarne's New Complete Guide to Gambling
John Scarne

If you are interested in gambling history, systems, or strategy, then John Scarne is required reading. This volume contains information about wagering on just about anything you can think of, plus tips for spotting cheaters and con men. If you've ever wondered just how to figure out what the house edge is in a casino game, this book is for you.

Scarne explains how people gamble on horse and dog racing, speepstakes, raffles, pools, poker, backgammon, carnival games, major sporting events, prize fights, elections, chain letters, slot machines, gin rummy, and yes, punchboards. These are only a few of the dozens of games and variants he discusses at lenght in this 871 page encyclopedia of gambling, originally published in 1961.

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Gambling Collectibles : A Sure Winner
Leonard Schneir

Even though this book is sometimes hard to find, it has a wealth of information for the gambling collector. Gambling Collectibles: A Sure Winner includes a wide variety of gambling items pictured in over 400 full-color photos spanning 160 pages. A worthy addition to any collector's library.

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